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Hi, my name is Liv! My health and fitness journey all stems from dance. I started dancing at the age of 9, danced competitively until I was 18, performed all 4 years of college, and finished dancing professionally 2.5 years after college. Dance was my life (seriously, my entire life). It has taught me so many positive things about myself that I would never take back. I learned dedication, teamwork, time management, and so much more. But unfortunately, the competitiveness and commitment of the sport led me to some struggles in my life. I struggled with disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and low self-confidence. Trophies meant nothing to me. 

I graduated from West Chester University with a nutrition degree thinking I could help people who struggle with the same issues I did. After graduating college, I realized I could not help other people if I did not help myself first. This is where the rollercoaster began. I knew I wanted to stay in health and wellness at this point, so I decided to become a certified personal trainer. I worked as a trainer for a year and realized maybe it was not for me. Not realizing at the time, it was not the job itself, but my mindset.

After quitting my job, I started my own virtual assistant business helping small business owners with day to day tasks (yes, took a full 180!). I am still doing that now and I love it! After a few months of researching and finally putting myself into therapy, I realized helping people and changing lives is what I want to do and what I can do! I received my recertification in Women’s Fitness, Training Clients with Eating Disorder Safety, and currently in the works on getting certified in prenatal and postpartum exercise. 

My dream for Your Power Project is to work with women and girls who want to find their power in themselves and become a stronger person mentally and physically. Scales, tape measures, calorie counting, and before pictures are not in my curriculum and will never be! Being a mom and being a teenager might be two of the hardest things in a woman's life and I want to help you find your power!

I will never say no to chocolate

One of my bucket list places to visit is Ireland...I'd fit right in ;)

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be pasta

I have a border collie that I adore named Oakley.

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"Liv is an amazing personal trainer. Not only did she help me get stronger physically, but she also helped me with strategies on how to workout the healthy way. Which means she taught me different exercises and how to know my limits. I am 13 years old so I know from experience that Liv is good at working with teenagers. She was very engaged in helping me with my fitness success. She would constantly text me to check up on me. She made the workouts fun. For these reasons, I definitely recommend Your Power Project!!


"Liv is so compassionate and such a good trainer. She listens to you and understands your goals, so that you can do the workout you really want while still getting the results you want. Every time I had a training session with her, I felt like I got a really good workout and had options to make it more or less intense depending on how I was feeling that day. She's the best!"


"I have worked with Olivia for about 10 years on stretch and strength training. Olivia is very helpful in providing techniques and working with you on accomplishing your goals by personalizing your training for what you need. She is also extremely encouraging and fun to train with!! I can't wait to work with her through Your Power Project!"


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