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the power is the mind,
the project is you.

The mission of Your Power Project is to build a healthy relationship with exercise and avoid burnout. We have one body and one mind and they need to be treated fairly without judgement. Reshaping the way you perceive yourself and exercise starts here.

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Passion Project

Perseverance Project

Proud Project

1 Workout per week.
$65-$75 per session

2 Workouts per week
$62-$72 per session

3 Workouts per week 
$60-$70 per session

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Partner Project

Personal Project

1-3 Workouts per week.
$40 per session per person

3 Workouts per week
Custom Workout Plan

"Liv is an amazing personal trainer. Not only did she help me get stronger physically, but she also helped me with strategies on how to workout the healthy way. Which means she taught me different exercises and how to know my limits. I am 13 years old so I know from experience that Liv is good at working with teenagers. She was very engaged in helping me with my fitness success. She would constantly text me to check up on me. She made the workouts fun. For these reasons, I definitely recommend Your Power Project!!


"Liv is so compassionate and such a good trainer. She listens to you and understands your goals, so that you can do the workout you really want while still getting the results you want. Every time I had a training session with her, I felt like I got a really good workout and had options to make it more or less intense depending on how I was feeling that day. She's the best!"


"I have worked with Olivia for about 10 years on stretch and strength training. Olivia is very helpful in providing techniques and working with you on accomplishing your goals by personalizing your training for what you need. She is also extremely encouraging and fun to train with!! I can't wait to work with her through Your Power Project!"


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